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Gocator 3520

Automate. Inspect. Optimize.

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Gocator 3520 3D Machine Vision Camera SensorThe LMI Technologies Gocator 3520 is a wide field of view, high resolution, 3D scanner. Structured light scanners use an LED light source to project a pattern onto the surface of a target. The pattern, which will be distorted due to the object's natural shape, is then captured by the 3D machine vision camera and used to digitally reconstruct the part.


Structured light 3D systems are either designed around decoding a single pattern, called textured projection,  or a sequence of patterns, called fringe projection. The textured patterns generated by a single pattern capture yield relatively low resolution 3D point clouds, down to as small as 100 microns, while fringe patterns that are produced from a sequence of patterns yield much higher resolution 3D images, as high as one micron.


A structured light methodology enables one to capture a scan of the target's whole surface and then to simultaneously inspect many aspects of the object like surface gaps-and-flush, studs, fasteners, and holes. 3D structured light scanning ensures that defined quality levels are met even as the product is assembled.


The Gocator family of products also includes other laser based 3D camera family models for moving targets named Gocator 1300Gocator 2100Gocator 2300Gocator 2500, and Gocator 2880.  For stationary targets, LMI has models of LED Structured Light cameras named Gocator 3210Gocator 3504, and Gocator 3506.  Additional solutions are made for robot guidance and high speed image processing.

HTE Automation and LMI Technologies support manufacturers with high confidence inspection, automation, and optimization solutions in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois as they apply technology to overcome long-standing manufacturing challenges.

GOCATOR 3520 Specifications

Scan Rate (Hz)


Imagers (meagpixels)


Clearance Distance (CD)

203.0 mm / 7.99 inches

Measurement Range (MR)

150.0 mm / 5.90 inches

Field of View

179.0 x 115.0 mm - 282.0 x 175.0 mm
7.05 x 4.53 inches - 11.10 x 6.89 inches

Repeatability Z 

4.6 um

Resolution XY

0.074 mm - 0.121 mm

VDE Accuracy (mm)

0.090 - 0.200


55x167x175 mm
2.17x6.57x6.89 inches


2.6 kg
5.73 Lbs

Light Source

Blue LED (465 nm)


Gigabit Ethernet


Differential Encoder Input, Trigger


2x Digital output, 1x RS-485 (115 kbaud), 1x Analog Output (4 - 20 mA)

Input Voltage (Power)

+48 VDC (50 Watts); Ripple +/ 10%


Gasketed aluminum enclosure, IP67

Operating Temperature

0°C to +40°C
32°F to 104°F

Storage Temperature

-30°C to +70°C
-22°F to 158°F

Vibration Resistance

10 to 55 Hz, 1.5 mm double amplitude in X, Y and Z directions, 2 hours per direction

Shock Resistance

15 g, half sine wave, 11 ms, positive and negative in X, Y and Z directions

Software and Built-in 3D Measurement Tools

3D Feature Tools

Openings (holes, slots), Cylinders, Studs (threaded and non-threaded), Plane

3D Volumetric Tools

Volumes, Areas, Bounding boxes, Positions (min, max, centroid), Ellipses, Orientations

Scanning Software

Browser-based GUI and open source SDK for configuration and real-time 3D visualization. Open source SDK, native drivers, and industrial protocols for integration with user applications, third-party image processing applications, and PLCs.

For more information please contact Customer Service at 800-444-4831 or by email at
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