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Machine Vision

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Zebra Matrox machine vision Iris camera3D and 2D machine vision sensors and cameras are a part of the wide selection of machine vision products HTE Automation can apply as we work to maximize your industrial productivity.  Machine vision technology uses image-based software and hardware to perform rapid and precise manufactured part inspection and analysis.  The resulting hardware plus software solution can be applied in a very wide range of applications across many industries.


Matrox's industrial machine vision product line stands at the forefront of cutting-edge imaging and vision solutions for industrial applications. With a comprehensive range of advanced vision systems, smart cameras, and powerful image processing software, Matrox offers unparalleled precision and reliability in industrial automation and quality control.

LMI Technologies is the leading manufacturer of 3D laser profile and 3D structured light snapshot cameras for industrial vision applications.  Whether you require a wide field of view, sub-micron resolution, or 100% high speed product inspection, LMI Technologies has a solution for you.

Datalogic offers a family of machine vision products that meet a wide range of performance and price point requirements. At the heart of Datalogic’s intelligence is the Impact™ Suite of Software.  This software package uses a “tree” view for simple to follow programming and debugging of tools as well as setups for configuring tools, and accessible properties for easier use of the integral customizable operator display panel interface.


Datalogic Machine Vision EquipmentFrom smart cameras to embedded vision systems, Datalogic offers a comprehensive range of products to choose from. The Datalogic Impact Suite of Software supports an extensive variety of industrial machine vision cameras.  Machine vision cameras vary from VGA to 20MP.  Add to those 8K resolution line scan cameras and you have an unparalleled family of products from which to choose.

HTE’s TECHTEAM members are available to assist with application of machine vision products at any point during implementation. Whether you’re looking for initial training, system design assistance, installation, start-up, or ongoing maintenance and support, our TECHTEAM can help.   

The Datalogic product offering includes multi-camera connection support to handle the most demanding of applications.  More than 100 tools for product inspection are at your disposal, a product of Datalogic’s extensive experience with complex industrial machine vision applications.

 HTE Automation and Datalogic are your optimal resource for all your machine vision camera and software needs if you are located in Kansas, Missouri, or Illinois.  Please call HTE Automation at 800-444-4831 to speak with a machine vision specialist, or email your request to
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