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Gocator 2880

3D scanning and inspection for the factory

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Gocator 2880 3D Line Laser


GOCATOR 2880 Large Object ScannerThe Gocator 2880 3D industrial laser scanner will  thrive in the demanding industrial conditions of your factory floor. All of the Gocator models, including the dual camera G2880, use a simple and flexible design which enables factories to reduce operational costs while they maximize profitability through significant improvements in product validation.
With its built-in dual cameras, the 2880 can rapidly generate complete scans of large objects, even those with complicated shapes.


The Gocator 2880 was specifically designed to scan large objects that had complicated shapes. Its two cameras are used to compensate for occlusions created by protruding features on the target. Additionally, with its large field-of-view and extended measurement range the 2880 3D smart sensor can be used to measure a wide range of targeted products.
Like all of the Gocator family of smart sensors, a single Gocator 2880 sensor is fully functional without an external controller, amplifier, or computer. However, it is very easy to scale the 2880 into a multi-sensor network using LMI Technologies Master hubs. Master hubs handle all distribution, encoder and digital input handling, laser safety interlock, and synchronization down to the microsecond.  All of this system expansion can be done for large installations using standard cables.


Gocator sensors yield laboratory grade precision but are designed for use in rugged industrial environments where their small footprint, light weight, and simplicity to network and integrate give manufacturing professionals the industrial characteristics they want most like being:
  • Pre-calibrated and immediately ready to measure details at the micron-level
  • Scalable to a synchronized multiple-sensor network
  • Compact with a small footprint that fits into crowded production spaces
  • Easily setup and controlled via a web browser
  • Feature dense for your I/O and PLC support experience
  • Open source SDK

Designed to be a system of independent sensors, untethered by controllers or PCs, the Gocator family of products easily scales to exactly the size you grow today using master hubs that handle power distribution, I/O, laser safety interlock, and synchronization at the microsecond level.

Any browser, on any computer, with any operating system delivers easy and flexible range configuration using the GUI that is integral to each Gocator smart sensor. There is no other software you have to install, just take the Gocator out of its box and you can quickly and easily set it up.


The Gocator family of products also includes other laser based 3D camera family models for moving targets named Gocator 1300Gocator 2100Gocator 2300, and Gocator 2500.  For stationary targets, LMI has models of LED Structured Light cameras named Gocator 3210Gocator 3504Gocator 3506, and Gocator 3520.  Additional solutions are made for robot guidance and high speed image processing.

HTE Automation and LMI Technologies support manufacturers with high confidence inspection, automation, and optimization solutions in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois as they apply technology to overcome long-standing manufacturing challenges.


Scan Rate

380-2500 Hz

Field of View (FOV)

390 mm - 1260 mm
15.35 inches - 49.61

Points per Profile


Resolution (X)

0.375 mm - 1.100 mm

Resolution (Z)

0.092 mm - 0.488 mm

Linearity (Z)

0.04% of MR

Clearance Distance (CD)

350 mm
13.78 inches

Measurement Range (MR)

800 mm
31.50 inches

Laser Class

Visible 3B (<500 mW)


Gigabit Ethernet


Differential Encoder Input, Laser Safety Enable, Trigger


2x Digital output, 1x RS-485 Serial, 1x Analog Output (4 - 20 mA)

Input Voltage (Power)

+24 to +48 VDC (13 Watts); Ripple +/ 10%

Laser Profiler Dimensions

49 mm x 75 mm x 498 mm
1.93 x 2.95 x 19.61 inches


2.56 kg
5.64 Lbs


Gasketed aluminum enclosure, IP67

Operating Temperature

0°C to +50°C
32°F to 122°F

Storage Temperature

-30°C to +70°C
-22°F to 158°F

Vibration Resistance

10 to 55 Hz, 1.5 mm double amplitude in X, Y and Z directions, 2 hours per direction

Shock Resistance

15 g, half sine wave, 11 ms, positive and negative in X, Y and Z directions

For more information please contact Customer Service at 800-444-4831 or by email at [email protected]
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