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Universal Robots

Automate almost anything

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UR3 CobotSection 179 Tax BreakThe 6-axis collaborative robots from Universal Robots enable you to transform your ambition into profitable results.  Implement it in virtually any industry, any process, by any employee - the truly universal industrial robot.

Limited by 6 axes?  HTE's TECHTEAM can easily add a 7th and 8th axis for you.

Using Universal Robots allows companies of any size, but especially SME's, to grow without having to hire additional low labor.

Universal Robots has revolutionized the field of automation by taking articulated robot arms out from behind costly and space consuming safety cages, away from highly trained and compensated robotic engineers, and into the common, highly flexible work-cells where they “rub elbows” with production workers.  Add robot vision guidance, and your automation flexibility grows exponentially.


Start your robotics career by becoming a robot programmer in just 87 with the Application Builder which allows first-time robot users to set-up an application as the program guides them through all the decisions they need to make.  Any of your skilled factory workers can become a robot programmer in just 87 minutes with the online Universal Robots Academy.


When your applications require additional skills, attend one of HTE Automation's 2-day training workshops in either St. Louis or Lenexa Kansas at our Universal Robot's Authorized Training Centers.


UR Teach Pendant

Universal has created a brand new range of high versatility, smart 6-axis cobots that can orchestrate the entire work cell, removing areas of friction and opening up new and affordable automation possibilities for manufacturers.
Reach - 19.7 inches
Payload - 6.6 lbs


The 6-axis robot works alongside skilled, tenured workers, with each executing on what they do best. The UR3e, UR5e, and UR10e offer the additional elements of precision, focus, and endurance to the factory floor, while humans provide greater flexibility, dexterity and problem-solving skills.
Reach - 33.5 inches
Payload - 11 lbs


People and 6-axis robots working side by side allows for flexible production – maximizing resources, gaining efficiency, and creating a competitive advantage for companies of all sizes. Increase productivity with this extended reach cobot, reduce ergonomic concerns and stay at the forefront of technology.
Reach - 51.2 inches
Payload - 22 lbs


When your people repeatedly move a heavy payload, this powerful 6-axis collaborative robot will safely working side by side with them, allowing for flexible production – maximizing resources, gaining efficiency, and creating a competitive advantage for your company
Reach - 35.4 inches
Payload - 35.3 lbs

With four models to choose from, now you can have highly productive machines working in a variable and flexible manufacturing environment while cooperating with people and other machines, and delivering unparalleled work-cell productivity.


What can you automate today?  Cobots have successfully been deployed as assistants to humans as the following videos illustrate: loading and unloading; pick and place; packaging and palletizing; machine tending for CNC; 3D additive manufacturing; metal fabricating; machine tending for plastic injection molding and die-casting; PCB handling; assembly; parts kitting; lab analysis and testing; gluing dispensing; screw driving; drilling; welding and soldering; polishing; quality test and inspection; and many more.

HTE Automation is your collaborative robot, or cobot, selection and implementation resource if you are located in Kansas, Missouri, or Illinois.
For more information please contact Customer Service at 800-444-4831 or by email at