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UR Cobots


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The e-Series of collaborative robot arms from Universal Robots deliver rapid ROI on incremental robot automation projects.  Using the sensitivity of a human hand, these revolutionary industrial cobots operate tirelessly with up to 0.0012" precision.  Don't miss the UR ActiNav 3D Complete Bin-Picking Solution.

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UR Authorized Training Center Cobot Value-Added UR3e Cobot Data UR5e Cobot Data UR10e Collaborative Robot UR16e Cobot Data UR ActiNav Bin Picking Introduced ActiNav Autonomous 3D Bin Picking System Collaborative Robot 3D Bin Picking for Machine Tending
Universal Robots has revolutionized the field of automation by taking robots out from behind costly and space consuming safety cages, away from highly trained and compensated robotic engineers, and into the common, highly flexible work-cells where they “rub elbows” with production workers.

HTE Automation is your collaborative robot, or cobot, selection and implementation resource if you are located in Kansas, Missouri, or Illinois.

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