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Laser Marking Applications

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You can laser mark almost any material with a Datalogic laser engraving machine to meet your product branding, product traceability, or product identification requirements.  If you are a manufacturer that is required to permanently identify your products, or you want to permanently brand your product, you should look at the following images which illustrate the wide diversity of materials on which Datalogic lasers can be used.


These are all types of plastics or acrylics that have been marked with a Datalogic laser.

Laser marking plastic PETLaser Mark on Black PBT-GF20 Plastic Laser mark on Black POM plasticLaser Traceable ID Mark on Acrylic Medical DeviceLaser Traceable ID Mark on Medical Plastic ImplantLaser Mark on Plastic Lightbulb ShellLaser marking on TPU Plastic Ear TagLaser Mark on Gray Plastic Circuit Breaker HousingLaser Mark on Black HDPE Plastic


Natural, and other materials of all sorts can be permanently marked with a Datalogic Laser System.
Logo Lasered onto WoodLasered LOGO on Wood CorkLaser Marking on Ice-cream Treat


Datalogic's laser marking equipment can mark a wide variety of metal objects, including, unusual colors, coated, small sized, round, and other odd shaped items.
Product traceability Laser ID on round Annealed steellaser marking on black anodized aluminumproduct traceable id mark on small zinc coated round valve bodylogo laser etched on metal car door handle2D barcode laser etched on green aluminumColor annealing using a laser on metal chainLaser ID etching on Brass componentLaser marking on rose colored aluminumPermanently identifying medical instruments by laser marking

HTE Automation and Datalogic supply laser marking equipment used for product traceability and product identification requirements by manufacturers throughout Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.
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