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Duratech Lubricants

Synthetic oils for air compressors

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Compressor OilDuratech compressor lubricants are a family of premium grade synthetic oil compressor lubricants. When accurately cross-referenced, they can work as a "pour-over" replacement for most high priced OEM lubricants, meaning no expensive system flushes. Duratech lubricants are manufactured in the USA and are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Additionally, Duratech Food Grade products are NSF certified.

Duratech lubricants are typically available at a cost 10% to 30% lower than OEM lubricants even though they meet or exceed the comparable OEM lubricant specifications. For more information about your application please call 800-444-4831.


So, what is a Pour Over Replacement?  It’s a compatible lube that, for example, can be placed in an Ingersoll Rand air compressor without having to first flush the compressor. We recommend draining and filling the unit when replacing the lubricant to the Duratech aftermarket solution. We do not recommend mixing the replacement oil with existing oil as a top off.  It’s good practice to sample the existing fluid first to ensure we know what it is and that there are no existing concerns with the machine.


Oil Sample

Periodic comprehensive lubricant testing is available for all Duratech lubricants.


Polyglycol coolant characteristics and cross-reference-Polyglycols exhibit good oxidation stability, can be used in a wide operating temperature range, perform cleanly without leaving deposits, and are biodegradable. They also have both a high flash point and high Viscosity Index.

Duratech HI-TEMP is a thermally and oxidatively stable polyolester blend, from which, under normal operating conditions you can expect to obtain well over 8,000 hours of life.  It is compatible with:  Ingersoll Rand's Ultra Coolant®, and Sullair's Sullube® products.

PAO cross-reference
Duratech A9GQ is our standard 8,000 PAO replacement lubricant. It is compatible with:  Gardner Denver's Aeon 9000®, and Kaeser's Sigma 8000 S-460®

Food Grade PAO cross-reference
Duratech FG is our standard Food Grade lubricant offering. It complies with FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 H-1. NSF Registration No. 127665 as H-1, and is compatible with:  Sullair’s PristineFG®, and Quincy's Quin-Syn F®.

HTE Technologies specializes in the sale and service of complete compressed air systems in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.
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