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Air over the fence - just buy compressed air

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Air Over The FenceWe have some questions for you about the compressed air related choices you've made for your plant:
1. Do you also make, condition, and store your own electricity, gas, or water?
2. Why do you choose to make and condition your compressed air?
3. Do you make more money by making compressed air, or making your product?
4. Why not outsource compressed air to professionals too, and just buy the amount of clean dry compressed air you need?

Air Over The Fence

Compressor Service TechThe HTE team includes seasoned, factory trained, and certified, service personnel who will ensure that our world-class equipment delivers a steady stream of compressed air, at the purity level and pressure, you require is available to you when you need it.  They are specialists in compressed air systems, focusing their training and attention on compressed air systems alone all day.

Keeping air compressors, air dryers, and air filters operating at peak performance all day every day requires a level of expertise that distracts most manufacturing plants from their more profitable tasks.  The HTE Service team is in constant communication with your machine, we know when it needs maintenance, and we know when you've lost power, predictive maintenance at its best!  In fact, if you'd like, we can provide the front office with reports showing the power consumption, pressure reliability, and run hours of the system.

In fact, you'll forget all about compressed air as you get everyone back to making what made your company great.

Economical Compressed Air

Here are some additional benefits you could enjoy if you got out of the air compressor business:
Lower overall compressed air production costs, with modern, ultra-efficient equipment, all with NO CAPITAL outlay;
Constant airflow at your optimum pressure and dew-point:
No maintenance costs;
Monthly operating expense payments;
No emergency rental costs;
Talented in-house personnel made available for production.

HTE Compressed Air Solutions sells compressed air to industrial and oil-free air users in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.
For more information please contact Customer Service at 800-444-4831 or by email at