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Datalogic Industrial Sensors

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Datalogic Industrial SensorsEvery modern manufacturing process requires the use of sensors.  Manufacturing automation, or production improvements of almost any kind including higher productivity and efficiency, would not be possible without industrial sensors. In the 21st century, customer demands require unprecedented flexibility, uncompromising quality, and traceability that proves it all from manufacturers.


One of the earliest pioneers of photoelectric industrial sensor technology is Datalogic.  Photoelectric based sensors, at their most basic function, emit, and then sense reflected light to detect changes, which indicates the presence of obstructions in the light beam’s path.  However, Datalogic’s industrial smart photoelectric sensors are much more sophisticated than that, allowing manufacturers to improve assembly precision, measure the dimension of parts, verify distances or correct positioning, within 1mm.

Datalogic has sensors for the most challenging industrial applications such as rapidly moving small parts within a crowded production environment, parts that must be measured with precision at a distance, clear objects like bottles or packaging films, and print registration marks moving at the highest speeds.


Label counting sensor

The types of smart sensors made by Datalogic that use light-based technology include fork sensors, through-beam emitters and receivers which are also referred to as retro-reflective sensors, vision sensors, fixed focus sensors, background suppression sensors, luminescence, color, or contrast sensors, dimensional sensors for profiling objects during production, distance sensors, laser sensors, and fiber-optic amplifier sensors.


Datalogic also employs other sensor measurement technologies in their products including sound technology in their ultrasonic sensors, and electromagnetic technology in inductive proximity sensors for non-contact measurement of the presence or absence of metal objects.  For the measurement of rotational angle, Datalogic offers a family of optical encoders.

Datalogic industrial sensors are applied in every industry imaginable.  Packaging, warehouse logistics, chemicals, automotive, and machinery for electronics, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, paper, ceramics, metal and woodworking, textiles, and much more.

HTE Automation and Datalogic help manufacturers in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois overcome challenging manufacturing problems with the application of robust and technologically advanced industrial sensors.

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