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Compressor Turnkey Systems

Industrial air compressor systems and service

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Compressor InstallationA compressor system is more than the sum of its components. Arrangement of the optimum components in the optimum sequence can significantly enhance a compressed air systems performance, life-span and the return on your investment.


HTE Compressed Air Solutions has supplied the local business community with compressed air systems since 1986. Our long-tenured team of compressed air professionals include multiple holders of the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY QUALIFIED AIR-MASTER + SPECIALIST credentials. The CAS Business Unit represents compressor, blower, and vacuum products from the world leader, Atlas Copco. Their extensive array of leading compressor technologies include centrifugal, oil-free rotary screw, oil-injected rotary screw, water lubricated rotary screw, scroll, rotary lobe, and reciprocating.

Backed by this innovative brand, we can participate in any solution a system installation or application calls for. Our philosophy of aligning ourselves with the industry leader focuses tremendous talent and resources on your challenges. At every opportunity, we consult with you to ensure each of us has an accurate and complete understanding of the team’s joint needs and capabilities. Our primary goal is to ensure your success.

Oil-Injected Compressor Installation


To further increase our value, our own factory certified auditing team includes highly-trained individuals certified by the United States Department of Energy as Air Master+ Specialists.

Because compressed air is utilized in many critical applications, at HTE we strive to not only be experts on compressed air but also on much of the equipment and processes that utilize compressed air. This philosophy takes the CAS Business Unit into parallel plant utility and process markets such as industrial blowers, industrial water chillers, nitrogen gas generators, vacuum systems and landfill gas systems.

Z-Machine Oil-Free Compressor Installation Many of the region’s most respected manufacturers and engineering firms have entrusted critical projects to the HTE CAS Business Unit. No opportunity has been too big, too small, or too complex as we have partnered with these companies with the common goal of improving their competitiveness.

HTE Compressed Air Solutions is dedicated to providing the resources Kansas, Missouri and Illinois manufacturers need to maximize the return on their investment in compressed air technology. Our goal is to deliver increased competitiveness as we apply technology in industry.
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