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Vision Inspection

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Vision Inspection PanelFor a multi-product production line, HTE’s TECHTEAM salesperson and engineers, together with our customer’s engineers, designed, specified, assembled, programmed, tested, and delivered this purpose-built inspection system.


The process as controlled by the PLC is:
The presence sensor activates the bar code reader which loads the appropriate inspection routine for comparison with the camera’s image.  Discrepancies between what the camera sees and the inspection routine prescribed by the barcode are reported to the production line controller and to the local status light.

HTE's TECHTEAM engineers and sales staff consult extensively with our customer's technical and operational staff  to fully understand their production needs, resources, and constraints.  With that information, the co-developed solution allowed the plant to implement an automated final production inspection regimen that eliminated extremely costly assembly and packaging errors.

Achieving a rapid ROI while delivering this high quality solution is only possible because of the relationship the HTE TECHTEAM has with HTE Automation, a distributor of world-class automation components.  Products were used from global leaders included Mitsubishi Electric Automation, ABB, Balluff, Rittal, Murr Elektronik, MB Connect Line, and Wago.

HTE's TECHTEAM provides application expertise to solve production problems and help plants in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois compete globally.
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