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Matrox Imaging Iris Machine Vision SystemMatrox's industrial machine vision product line stands at the forefront of cutting-edge imaging and vision solutions for industrial applications. With a comprehensive range of advanced vision systems, smart cameras, and powerful image processing software, Matrox offers unparalleled precision and reliability in industrial automation and quality control.


Industrial machine vision solutions from Matrox Imaging empower manufacturers with high-speed, high-accuracy inspection capabilities, enabling efficient defect detection, precise measurement, and seamless production optimization.

Matrox's state-of-the-art machine vision cameras capture and analyze images with exceptional clarity and detail, while their innovative software algorithms facilitate advanced image analysis, pattern recognition, and object tracking.


From complex assembly verification to barcode reading and surface inspection, Matrox's industrial machine vision products deliver the ultimate combination of speed, flexibility, and accuracy, empowering industries to achieve superior product quality and process efficiency.


Why choose Matrox Imaging?
  • Matrox offers a wide range of machine vision products, including vision systems, smart cameras, and image processing software. This versatility allows customers to select the best-fit solution for their specific application requirements.
  • Matrox is known for its ability to provide customized solutions tailored to specific customer needs. They offer flexible hardware and software platforms that can be adapted and optimized for diverse industrial applications.
  • Matrox places emphasis on seamless integration with existing systems and equipment. Their machine vision products are designed to easily integrate into various production environments, making it more convenient for customers to incorporate Matrox solutions into their workflow.
  • With their extensive SDK (Software Development Kit) Matrox provides a powerful software development kit that offers developers a high level of control and customization. This SDK allows users to create and implement advanced machine vision applications with greater flexibility and precision.
  • Matrox boasts a strong presence in a wide variety of diverse industries.  Matrox has a significant presence in various industries beyond machine vision, such as graphics, imaging, and video solutions. This broad expertise allows them to bring unique insights and innovations from other domains into their machine vision offerings.
Together with HTE Automation's TECHTEAM, Matrox Imaging provides manufacturers in Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois with the best manufacturing vision, inspection, and quality control tools your budget can buy.
For more information please contact Customer Service at 800-444-4831 or by email at
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