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Atlas Copco Vacuum Pumps

Industrial vacuum that is clean, silent, and energy-efficient

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Atlas Copco VacuumAtlas Copco has been setting the standard for vacuum pumps for many years. Constant innovation has yielded significant performance improvements, and has targeted new application areas. The characteristics of the Atlas Copco oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps complement those that have made Atlas Copco the stand-out supplier of air solutions: high quality, impressive reliability and low lifecycle cost.


Robust technology - The oil-sealed rotary vane principle has been successfully used for a long time in general industrial vacuum applications. The Atlas Copco GV 20-300 series uses this technologically advanced market leading design to deliver high reliability to manufacturers.

Industrial Vacuum Innovative features - Atlas Copco has included many innovative features into the GV 20-300 range of vacuums, each focused on ensuring highest performance with a low lifecycle cost. The integral gas ballast is included as a standard feature to assist in handling water. Other integrated functions include the lubricant retention and return mechanism which means that this series is suitable for constant use between 12“ HgA and their ultimate pressure.

Clean and efficient - The oil separation system will minimize oil vapors in exhaust gas. The inlet non-return valve prevents the vacuum from running backwards should the pump stop without being vented. It also protects the point-of-use against back sucking of oil.


When your vacuum application is critical to an application, such as in packaging, woodworking, rubber, plastics, electronics, paper and printing, or material handling, you can count on the GV 20-300 series of pump to meet your challenge. Atlas Copco offers many models, with eight different ones offering pumping speeds of between 12 and 215 CFM.  If you need a larger capacity, then the Atlas Copco GV 630-4800 may be what you are looking for.

High volume - All GV 630-4800 vacuum pumps are equipped with modulating inlet control valves.  For general vacuum applications, any additional need to vary the amount of vacuum can be handled by a point-of-use device. Other vacuum technologies make use of ‘air bleed’ devices to control the vacuum level. The Atlas Copco screw technology design eliminates the practice of bleeding air, resulting in greater energy savings.

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