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Machine Vision & Lighting Workshop

Cognex 7000 Gen II


This workshop will discuss and provide practical examples in selecting the proper lens, and constructing the appropriate lighting solution to solve your most challenging machine vision applications.

Machine Vision LensMachine Vision is a rapidly growing, widely applicable, and still misunderstood technology. There are as many ways to utilize Machine Vision as there are parts to inspect - and multiple approaches to each. This wide array of options also means that it can be difficult to decide what the most effective inspection might be, especially if multiple options seem to work in a lab or with limited samples.
Lunch Included
HTE Automation would like to help you gain the knowledge to evaluate and select the appropriate approach for each application.

Machine VisionGenerally, training classes only focus on the camera hardware and software aspects, and are not able to also cover the other major pieces of a successful application: lighting and lensing. HTE has multiple partners that are able to help fill this need, come together, and offer an introduction into each of these aspects.

After this one-day workshop, attendees can expect to know the different types of lights, lenses, and cameras that are available in this industry, as well as an understanding of the thought process that goes behind each application evaluation. This event's goal is to allow those new to machine vision to be able to envision how these tools can be used in new applications, know what questions to ask, and have an informed discussion of this ever-evolving technology.

Come hear about the latest techniques from our Factory Reps from Cognex, Moritex and Smart Vision Lights, and put your hands on the latest hardware!
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