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Germ & Safety Guarding

Safety Shields


Germ Safe Security InspectionReady to install safety shields and barriers provide businesses with many options to conveniently, and economically, protect employees and customers from airborne and physical hazards.

The sturdy and attractive modular barriers from Parco provide businesses with the installation flexibility required to accommodate a limitless number of designs for inhibiting transmission of airborne illnesses in daily production and service areas, offices, and areas with public access such as retail environments.


Shield barriers are available from an extensive engineered catalog, but customized barriers are also available with a quick turn-around time.  Installation of clear acrylic, poly-carbonate, or semi-opaque colored panels, all of a modular design, allow for attachment to existing desks, cubicle panels, and counter tops Easy to install: Easily attach protective barriers to desks, counter tops  or place protective barriers side by side to create a protective space between the public and workers.
Pandemic protection barriers


The foundation of these germ barriers and health screening barriers is Parco's highly flexible, proven t-slotted aluminum extrusion framework.  To the aluminum frame clear poly-carbonate panels are added to provide some protection from the passing of contagious diseases.  In all, we will deliver sturdy, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and flexible screening solutions that can be assembled quickly.
Applications are as varied as the potential configurations making them an ideal solution for industrial production areas, maintenance workshops, service areas, security checkpoints, offices, hospitals, medical offices, grocery stores, retail stores, and restaurants.

HTE Automation and Parco Inc., supply Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois businesses with germ barriers and other personal safety solutions.  Please call HTE Automation at 800-444-4831 to speak with a safety guarding specialist, or email us at
For more information please contact Customer Service at 800-444-4831 or by email at
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