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Balluff Networking

Optimizing the exchange of information

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IO-LinkAs the amount of data from an increasing number of industrial sensors, controllers, and other sources, multiplies, industrial data networking demands must be able to respond.


This is particularly the case when dealing with serious plant safety data, or the transfer of other highly consequential process information.  Maintaining maximum security levels, dealing with special interfaces, or with challenging ambient environments such as high temperatures, all require a much higher level of network integrity and reliability.


Intelligently combining these increasingly powerful industrial data networks is the task of Balluff's IO Link communications standard.  With it, users are able to reliably exchange information with the flexibility required by the great diversity of the applications involved.  Seamless, uninterrupted communication is the required standard regardless of constant increases in network speeds, flexibility requirements, and variable production demands.

From sensor to internet, data must transfer as if the system was very basic, and performed in laboratory conditions.  As IO Link makes this possible, users then add more information and collection points to the data collected, adding to the system load.  These increased demands require a robust data infrastructure at every level to deliver unimpeded information.


Even I/O blocks are involved in this incredible transformation, adding signal preprocessing and diagnostic capabilities at the IO block level. The huge selection of component designs and connection methods empower solutions for an array of challenging applications.

HTE Automation supplies manufacturers in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois with Balluff Networking solutions.
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