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Atlas Copco N2 Generators

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Nitrogen SeparatorMany industries depend on a source of industrial gas, but having gas delivered in tanks or bottles is expensive and not always reliable. Producing gas on-site cuts the costs and offers a continuous, dependable gas supply. Oxygen and nitrogen generators from Atlas Copco provide industrial gas that’s flexibly produced on-site, results in the lowest cost possible, and is suitable for many applications – pharmaceutical, food and beverage, glass, plastics, electronics and more.

NGM and NGM+ nitrogen generators from Atlas Copco use membrane separation technology, where the membrane divides compressed air into two parts – one 95% and 99% pure nitrogen, and the other part oxygen with carbon dioxide and additional gases. The result is nitrogen purity that meets quality standards, low operating costs, and the ability to adapt to the application at hand.Nitrogen Generator


The NGP generators with PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology provide continuous, high-capacity nitrogen flow at your desired purity. This type of generator isolates nitrogen, and the other gases (oxygen, CO2 and water vapor) are adsorbed, leaving behind essentially pure nitrogen. NGA PSA nitrogen generators are is a cost-efficient solutions for metal processing, food and beverage, and electronic applications.

The NGP+ premium N2 generator with PSA provides a nitrogen supply with maximum energy efficiency. Because of its carbon molecular sieves, the premium nitrogen supplied has the highest level of purity – plus a 50% reduction in running costs when compared to other nitrogen generators.

HTE Compressed Air Solutions is dedicated to providing the resources Kansas, Missouri and Illinois manufacturers need to maximize the return on their investment in nitrogen generation technology. Our goal is to deliver increased competitiveness as we apply technology in industry.
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