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Atlas Copco Air Dryers

Protecting your systems and processes

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Atlas Copco Air Dryers

Refrigerated Air DryersAtlas Copco air dryers complement their oil-injected and oil-free rotary screw air compressors perfectly. Comprised of dryers that match the capacity of our compressors, filters, drains, oil/water separators and other air treatment accessories, these products combine to offer you a truly integrated compressed air contaminant removal system.


How dry air helps you. With improved productivity and lower maintenance costs, extended service life of air tools, motors and cylinders. Prolong the life of your entire compressed air system.

Refrigerated dryers provide you with an economical means of improving the quality of your production process. No moisture downstream improves productivity and reduces maintenance costs.  Our Refrigerated Dryers operate in high temperature and high pressure applications removing water vapor from compressed air to a pressure dew point of 35°F.

The FD and FX Series of refrigerated dryers are designed for installations where piping temperatures are not expected to go below 35°F to 39°F.

How they work. These dryers cool compressed air by mechanical refrigeration, removing the moisture and assuring that none condenses downstream, unless the air is exposed to lower temperatures. With models ranging from 13 to 8480 scfm, you can specify the Atlas Copco dryer that is virtually customized to your requirements.
Desiccant Dryers


Regenerative (Desiccant) dryers are available in the extraordinarily efficient heat of compression rotary drum design, heat of compression desiccant design, heated purge desiccant, and heatless desiccant design. Atlas Copco's regenerative, or desiccant dryers, are ideal for installations with outdoor piping and processes requiring an extremely low dew point to -100°F.

HTE Compressed Air Solutions is your resource for all your Atlas Copco needs if you are in Kansas, Missouri or Illinois.
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