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Air Dryer Rental


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Large Dryer Rentals
For applications requiring dry air, our after-cooled machines, air dryers, and filter sets ensure that you receive the quality you require at the pressure you need.

Compressors that are exposed to sub-freezing temperatures require a pressure dew point under 0°C.  For this application a desiccant dryer is required to meet the specification. Desiccant dryers usually contain two pressure vessels, both filled with desiccant (activated alumina beads).


In a desiccant dryer, the moisture from the compressed air clings, like Velcro to the desiccant when the air passes through the first tower. After a period of time, when the beads in that tower are saturated, the compressed air is switched to pass through the second vessel while the first vessel is then flooded with air to dry out the saturated beads. This process is then repeated after a set period when the beads in the second tower are saturated, moving the flowing air back to the first vessel while the second vessel is regenerated and so on. To regenerate desiccant beads, there are two techniques that are commonly used.

Other types of desiccant dryers are as follows:


A small amount of the compressed air that has dried, expands to atmospheric pressure in cold regeneration dryers and the saturated desiccant vessel is sent over. The air is much dryer due to the compressed air expansion. The moisture moves from the desiccant to the dried air and into the atmosphere. This type of regeneration results in very short cycle times and a small amount of electricity – only for the controls. The design is simple and reliable, but up to 18% of the compressor power is used for regeneration, making it a costly solution especially for low pressures.


In heated purge desiccant dryers, part of the dried compressed air expands to atmospheric pressure and heat is sent to raise the temperature to 150-180°C. Saturated desiccant sends hot air through the vessel, moisture is released and moves to the atmosphere with the air. In heated blower purge desiccant dryers, a blower is installed that moves ambient air to a heater. The air is warmed up to 150-180°C, and travels through the vessel with the saturated desiccant. Moisture is released and travels to the atmosphere with the air.

HTE Rental Services supplies heavy duty industrial compressed air drying equipment to businesses.
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