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Assembled Solutions

Productivity powered by innovation


Assembled SolutionsThe best productivity solutions are the result of close collaboration between your process specialists and HTE’s application engineers and equipment experts. We dig deep into your whole process to develop solutions that will boost productivity, efficiency and reliability for years to come.

Examples of TECHTEAM collaborative projects.

Completing any packaged solution with a custom control panel allows you to implement your equipment with the greatest efficiency. We design and build:
• Robotic Work-Cells
• Collaborative Robot Work Cells
• Servo/VFD/PLC/Electrical Control Assemblies
• Compressor Assembly Upgrades and Options

HTE Automation is dedicated to providing the resources Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois manufacturers need to maximize the return on their investment in programming or control panel technologies. Our goal is to deliver increased competitiveness as we apply technology in industry.  Please call HTE Automation at 800-444-4831 to speak with a custom control specialist, or email us at
For more information please contact Customer Service at 800-444-4831 or by email at
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